Astrology, fate, and free will

Lauren LaRocca
3 min readSep 12, 2020

We come into this third-dimensional reality with an individual energetic makeup, as shown in our natal chart. In the same way a crystal or plant has an energy makeup and can impart its medicine onto us, so, too, can we impart our medicine unto others. The Human Design mandala shows us how we are all needed, how you supply the missing pieces for others and vice versa (especially by way of completing one another’s hanging gates by forming a complete channel). It’s not that we’re not whole. But we each come into this life with gifts and struggles, and together, we supply everything that is needed to evolve.

The five aura types are a perfect example: roughly eight percent of the population (Manifestors) is needed to channel cosmic energies and bring them down to Earth, initiating movement and change; 70 percent of the population (Generators) is needed to respond to those ideas and work together to build and sustain them; another 22 percent (Projectors) is needed to guide us, to know who is right for what job, to see the strengths and weaknesses and how we all work together; and a final 1 percent (Reflectors) is needed to reflect back to us who we are and allow us to see ourselves in all our light and shadow.

If you’re unfamiliar with astrology, you might think it entails the belief that your life is predetermined. You might be wondering how astrology and free will can exist together. You might be wondering why, if free will exists, you can’t simply manifest anything in your life, regardless of your astrological chart. In a word, you could, but is it aligned with who you are? And in turn, would it be sustainable if it showed up?

Here is the catch 22 about astrology. Some astrologers focus more on the psychology of a chart, while others insist that it represents the people, places, and situations you’ll encounter throughout your life. It’s both. It’s both a symbolic representation of our soul and a map showing us what can manifest throughout the course of our life.

Your natal chart reveals both your inner and outer worlds, *because* they are one in the same. The archetypes you hold within you will manifest as those same archetypes in your external reality. Within each planet, sign, and house archetype is a wide spectrum-a huge spectrum-of possibilities, but we don’t all come in with the same innate desires.

My goal with astrology and introducing it to people is to use its wisdom to manifest the highest frequencies of a chart, especially when it comes to challenging aspects and houses. The eighth house, for example, signifies both the most profound mystics who have ever walked the Earth as well as criminals. The 12th house can manifest as our greatest spiritual teachers as well as lifelong alcoholics and drug addicts.

Astrology is a tool that allows you to know how to use the energies you hold within you to manifest your highest reality.

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Lauren LaRocca

Lauren LaRocca is a writer, astrologer, and folk herbalist living in Northern New Mexico.