Lauren LaRocca
2 min readSep 2, 2020

Where heaven and earth meet

I woke up to a vision, the answer to a question I’d asked myself the night before: what does the Virgo/Pisces axis feel like? What is at its essence? What teaching does it offer us? What is the tension or conflict between these two opposing signs? It’s manifesting now through this full moon in Pisces with Virgo sun overhead.

The Virgo/Pisces axis combines the elements of earth (Virgo) and water (Pisces) and expresses itself as the physical, tangible reality (earth) being infused with spiritual reality (water/heaven). How do we bring spirit down to earth? How do we ground our spirituality? It’s easy to get absorbed in either one and end up lost. Both provide balance within the exchange.

The vision was an abstract construct but resembled, for comparison’s sake, a sunrise or sunset. It showed a horizontal beam of violet-white light, like a horizon line: the Virgo/Pisces axis.

It reminded me of being at the shore, where land and water meet, or the space between land and sky, where heaven and earth meet.

Between these two archetypes lies the essence of these two signs coming together, working together, being combined. This realm connects the two, bringing the sky and light down to earth while the earth reflects the light from the sky, i.e., bringing earth to heaven and heaven to earth, giving form to the formless and expressing what is immaterial through material.

You could also think of it as the balance (or tension) between the inner softness within you versus the tangible you who shows up in the world. It may be worthwhile to experiment more with letting some of that vulnerable, soft interior be infused into your relationships, work, and self-expression.

How valuable that exchange is in our lives. Each supports the other. Each archetype supplies vital information and wisdom for its counterpart.

This full moon energy is manifesting now, and its conundrum between opposites expresses itself in gentle yet profound ways. It’s much quieter than most full moons. It’s deep but also wide. It’s still and anchoring yet also flowing. It goes inward.

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Lauren LaRocca

Lauren LaRocca is a writer, astrologer, and folk herbalist living in Northern New Mexico.